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Hart of The City

2016 April 18
by Rob Maher

Great news cool people. I’ll be on Kevin Hart’s new Comedy Central show, Hart of The City. The show will look at the comedy scene in DC and will feature stand up from me as well as a roundtable discussion with Kevin. The show won’t air until the fall. I’ll let everyone know the date once I know.

Superhero Homicide: Dawn of Deathdealer

2016 March 30
by Rob Maher

Our newest murder mystery show debuts this Sunday night at Magooby’s Joke House

Die Laughing Productions enters the world of Superheroes and Supervillians with Superhero Homicide: Dawn of Deathdealer. This hilarious, interactive murder mystery show transports you to the Superhero hall of fame, the Hall of Heroes. One of the world’s greatest Superheroes is about to be inducted into the Hall but unfortunately, things do not go as planned. Superheroes plus Supervillians equals a super sized murder and it’s up to you figure out who did it.


Die Laughing Productions

2016 January 17
by Rob Maher

Yo Everybody. My murder mystery company is taking off. We just had sold out shows at the DC Improv and Magooby’s Joke House. Please “Like” our Facebook page. Everybody likes murder.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Solve A Murder.

2015 April 8
by Rob Maher

We are putting on the World’s First Murder Mystery Comedy Show. April 19 at Magooby’s Joke House. 

The Last Laugh is a Murder Mystery Comedy Show. This hilarious, interactive whodunit stars 98 Rock Morning Show co host Justin Schlegel. Justin plays famous comedian/movie star Jim Marsdale. Jim has returned home to Baltimore to be roasted right here at Magoobys Joke House. Unfortunately, the roast is tragically interrupted by a murder. It is now up to you the audience to find out who did it.

Last Laugh also stars 98 Rock regulars Joe Robinson and Rob Maher, Magooby’s favorite Tommy Sinbazo and most importantly, you. This is an interactive show. Audience members will play roles. Not only will you help determine who the murderer is, one of you might even be the killer.

Funny For Five TV Taping

2015 March 26
by Rob Maher

Rob MaherRahmein Mostafavi, The Content Farm and Chiet Productions invite you to the taping of their new project, Funny For Five. What is Funny For Five? Prepare to be dazzled.

Each week, professional stand up comedians Rahmein Mostafavi and Rob Maher will find two perfect strangers, who’ve NEVER performed stand-up comedy and within 5 days, teach them comedy basics, help them write jokes, take them to open mics, and finally, pit our two strangers head to head in front of a live audience to see who has created the better comic.

That live audience will be you at the world famous The DC Improv Comedy Club on April 15. They have graciously allowed us to take over the last half hour of their open mic. The show is free to attend but please RSVP to ensure a seat.

Actress Sean Young on the Rob and Joe Show

2014 November 4

Hear our impromptu interview with Sean Young of Blade Runner and Stripes fame. Here’s the Podbean link. Also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Three Years of The Rob and Joe Show

2014 July 11
by Rob Maher

We just hit the three year mark of my podcast with Joe Robinson, the Rob and Joe Show. 152 episodes in and going stronger than ever. This year was particularly awesome because we were picked up by Radio legend, Mike O’Meara and his network, MORE Broadcasting. You can listen to our show on our site, on iTunes, Stitcher and on the new Mike O’Meara Show app. We also do the show live every Monday night at 730 at Get on it!


New Year’s Eve with The Taliban

2014 May 1

If you didn’t hear about my amazing trip to Afghanistan to perform for our troops on New Year’s Eve, you are missing one hell of a story.  We got attacked by the Taliban during the show. By far the shittiest heckler ever. Listen to this episode of my podcast, the Rob and Joe Show, to hear all the juicy and amazing details.

Bagram Air Base

5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

2013 November 15

1. I can fly. Like, literally fly. I refuse to save anyone, though. People need to take responsibilities for their actions.

2. I’m 492-0 in rap battles. Suck it bitches! Don’t hate.

3. I can talk to animals. They don’t like us.  Especially cows, chickens and pigs.  Not fans of us humans. Birds hate us too. You should probably know that. They shit on us daily. If somebody took a dump on your car you wouldn’t wonder how he feels about you. And cats loathe us. If you have a cat and you think it likes or even loves you, you’re an idiot.  That cat just hates you less than everyone else. Whiskers is just using you for food and shelter.

4.Rihanna texts me everyday. I always respond with, if you like it put a ring on it. This drives her crazy because she can’t stand Beyonce.

5. I am a world class musician. Throughout my life I’ve been a member of the Miami Sound Machine, the Pips, SWV, the Funky Bunch, Wham!, Hall and Oates, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young and Maher and the Judds.

Not Up Next

2013 November 13
by Rob Maher

I didn’t advance in Comedy Central’s Up Next competition. My set went great but apparently I wasn’t what they were looking for. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.  And by drawing board I mean bar.  That would be a good name for a bar.  Nobody steal that.