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Middle East Murder Mystery

Middle East Murder Mystery


Still on a high from our Jordan trip. We got drunk in Amman, drove on the scariest road I’ve ever been on, went on a water hike at Wadi Mujib that almost killed us, swam in the Dead Sea, watched RPAs (Drones) take off, signed a bomb that’s headed to kill bad guys, ate the world’s greatest Shawarma and put on three packed shows for the coolest, nicest and most bad ass people you’ll ever meet.

Show one was the funniest person on base contest. It was a huge hit. 13 people signed up. We were all very impressed with how funny everyone was. Shout out to Kerry Whitaker for crushing and winning the contest.

Show two was the stand up show. Erik Woodworth, Sean Gabbert and Tommy Sinbazo all brought it. Tommy was a beast. Destroyed.

Show three was our murder mystery, Sing For Your Life. The crowd wasn’t sure at first what this was but they quickly caught on. Erik’s rendition of Wrecking Ball brought the house down.

Huge thanks to Christian Pagan and Justin for being our chaperones all trip. You guys took fabulous care of us.

This trip couldn’t have happened without Christian and Tyler Freemanfighting for it. You guys stuck your necks out for us. Thank you so much for believing in my vision.

Lastly, the only thing better than traveling the world making people laugh is being able to do it with your friends. Thank you Sean, Erik and Tommy. You guys kept me laughing for six days and fought through the jet lag and exhaustion to crush it every show. I can’t wait to do it all over again. #DieLaughingProductions
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