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Author: Rob Maher

Great Day Washington

Great Day Washington

More good times this morning on Great Day Washington with my friend and fellow Hart of the City comedian, Lafayette Wright.  The guy who went on before us was a war hero.  He’s literally saved lives.  He brought with him his medal of honor.  We brought fart jokes. Check it out.

Tis the Season…For My Murder Mystery Shows

Tis the Season…For My Murder Mystery Shows

My Murder Mystery company, Die Laughing Productions is finishing the year strong. We have five performances of “A Merry Murder Mystery.” and one performance of the “The Last Laugh.”

“A Merry Murder Mystery”

Nov 30 – Helium Comedy Cub in Philly

Dec 3 – Bright Box Theater in Winchester, VA

Dec 10 – Riverboat on the Potomac in Colonial Beach, VA

Dec 21 – DC Improv

Dec 23 – Magooby’s Joke House in Timonium, MD

“The Last Laugh”

Dec 30 – Albany Funny Bone